Andrei Sorin Sabau

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

I mostly code in typescript these days.

With static types for the dynamically typed javascript, largest package registry in the world (more than 1 million packages in npm), plot libraries rivaling Python’s Matplotlib (I do love aggregating data), what’s not to like :) [1].

From time to time I use Python, C++, R for implementing code behind scientific articles I find interesting like Spiking neural P systems or from my own: MaStream, BloomStream.

I use Jekyll with custom Ruby plugins when generating static content like getsetfetch/documentation.

I’m too cheap for even Heroku nevermind AWS so I do my own Docker, Terraform, Ansible trifecta when deploying to cloud my own personal projects.

You can read some technical tidbits I’ve wrote on the blog.

[1] I know I’m exaggerating a bit, npm have had security issues in the past, nodejs projects can get bloated pretty fast with large number of external dependencies doing small, specialized things that in other languages are builtin or bundled in a few external libraries everyone uses like C++ Boost, Python NumPy.
Nevertheless, typescript remains the language I’m most comfortable writing in.


Written in Typescript.
Contains a command line, Docker container, Terraform module and Ansible roles for distributed cloud scraping.
Supported databases: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
Supported headless clients: Puppeteer, Playwright, Cheerio, JSdom.
CI: Github Actions

Written in Typescript, SCSS, React.
Cross-browser extension compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Edge.
Uses IndexedDB browser builtin database for storage.
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Principal Software Architect

January 2022 - present

Axway FlowManager gives you the ability to deploy anywhere, control centrally, and empower IT and business users with self-service Managed File Transfer capabilities.

Developed a plugin-based, frontend architecture with plugins mostly written in React.js.
Full stack Typescript development.


Senior Full Stack Web Developer

July 2010 - December 2021

Axway FlowManager gives you the ability to deploy anywhere, control centrally, and empower IT and business users with self-service Managed File Transfer capabilities.

Mainly working with Flex / JavaScript / Typescript and Java.
Java RESTful web services consumed from Flex / JavaScript / Typescript based clients.

Met Accounting

Project Manager

Apr 2009 - Jul 2010

Internal controls management software.

Led the development of a new accounting software product throughout its entire development cycle from defining specifications to final release.

Vsolay / DemosOnDemand

Flex/Actionscript Lead

May 2008 - Apr 2009

Startup serving the communication needs of tech vendors across vertical industries with video-based delivery technology and content production services.

Coordination and development of Flex based admin tools tightly integrated with map based flash video players.


Actionscript Lead

Feb 2007 - Apr 2008

Software and services company delivering innovative sales and training content via a suite of streaming media platforms.

Coordination and development of run-time generated flash video players.

eMax Media

Owner, Project Manager

Nov 2002 - Jan 2007

My own small development team with some of the projects listed under

Launched a relative successful SaaS - Flash Intro Builder.



PhD in Informatics

2013 - 2016

University of Pitesti, Faculty of Informatics

Dissertation: Data Mining Clustering Techniques used in Financial Fraud Audit

A novel alternative to the traditional two phase stream clustering scheme is proposed, introducing sketch-based data structures for assessing both stream density and cluster membership with probabilistic accuracy guarantees. A count-min sketch using a damped window model estimates stream density. Bloom filters employing a variation of active-active buffering estimate cluster membership. Instances of both types of sketches share the same set of hash functions. The resulting stream clustering algorithm is capable of detecting arbitrarily shaped clusters while correctly handling outliers and making no assumption on the total number of clusters.
See Stream Clustering using Probabilistic Data Structures and its R/C++ implementation.

See Google Scholar Account for all publications.


Professional Master

2010 - 2013

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

SIMPRE Professional Master Program
in partnership with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Deloitte.

Focused on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning around SAP and NAVISION development.


Bachelor of Economics

1998 - 2002

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Marketing

Marketing Research specialization. Dissertation titled “Online Advertising”, 2002.


Sun Microsystems

Sun Certified Associate


Sun Certified Associate for the Java 2 Platform, SE 6.0

Java Implementation of Object-Oriented Concepts, Algorithm Design and Implementation, Java Development Fundamentals, Java Platforms and Integration Technologies, Java Client Technologies, Java Server Technologies.

Sun Microsystems

Sun Certified Programmer


Sun Certified Associate for the Java 2 Platform, SE 6.0

API Contents, Flow Control, Declarations, Initialization and Scoping, OO Concepts, Concurrency, Collections / Generics.


Oracle Database 11g


Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

Restricting and Sorting Data, Single-Row Functions, Conditional Expressions, Reporting Aggregated Data, Subqueries, SET Operators, DML Statements, DDL Statements.


SAP Certified Development Associate


SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.0

ABAP Workbench, ABAP Dictionary, Open SQL, Dynpros, ALV Grid Control, Unicode, LUW, ABAP Objects, Runtime Type Services, Web Dynpro, SAP Enhancements and Modifications.